How Do I Copy a Color Style From One Figma File to Another?

Copying color styles from one Figma file to another is a great way to ensure that your designs are consistent across multiple projects. Figma allows you to quickly and easily duplicate colors from one file to another, so you can keep your designs looking polished and professional.

First, open the file with the color style you want to copy. In the right-hand side panel, click on the “Styles” tab.

You’ll see a list of all of the colors used in that file. Select the color swatch you want to copy, then click and drag it onto your other Figma file.

Once you’ve dragged the color swatch into your other Figma file, you will see a popup asking if you want to add this color as a new style or replace an existing one. If you choose “Add as new style”, it will create a new style with the same name as in the source file. If you choose “Replace existing style”, it will replace any existing styles with the same name.

Another way to transfer colors between files is by using Color Picker. With Color Picker, you can select any color from any design in your Figma workspace and use it in another project.

To use Color Picker, select a shape or object with the desired color and click on it with your mouse. This will open up Color Picker in the right-hand side panel.

From there, select which project or document you want to add this color to and click “Add Color”. The selected color will be added as a new style in that project or document.


Copying a color style from one Figma file to another is quick and easy using either dragging and dropping or using Color Picker from within Figma itself. With both options, users can ensure that their designs are consistent across multiple projects without having to manually adjust each individual element’s colors every time they switch files.