How Do I Create a Component Instance in Figma?

Creating a component instance in Figma is an easy way to quickly create multiple copies of the same object. Components are reusable elements that can be used to store a piece of design, such as a logo, button, or text box, and then apply it to multiple frames. By creating an instance of a component, you can easily edit the properties and styling of each one individually.

To begin creating an instance of a component in Figma, select the object that you want to make into a component. This could be any shape, text box, or other element on your canvas. Then click the Create Component button at the top of your screen.

Once you’ve created your component, you can start creating instances of it. To do this, simply click and drag from the original component onto the canvas to create an instance.

This will create an exact duplicate of the original with all its properties and styling intact. You can then edit each instance individually by double-clicking on them.

You can also create multiple instances at once by using the Instance tool in Figma’s toolbar. Click on this tool and then click and drag on your canvas to automatically create multiple instances of your component in one go.


Creating a component instance in Figma is simple and efficient way to speed up your workflow when designing multiple versions of an element at once. All you need to do is select your object, click Create Component and then use either dragging or the Instance tool to generate copies with all their properties intact for easy editing.