How Do I Create a Custom Color Palette in Canva?

Creating a custom color palette for any project can be an intimidating task, but Canva makes it simple to create and manage your own personalized color schemes. Here we’ll walk through how to create a custom color palette in Canva and some tips for how to best utilize it.

The first step to creating your own custom color palette is to open up the Color menu on the left-hand side of your Canva workspace. From here, you’ll see the basic colors that come with the program as well as any additional colors you’ve previously saved or added.

To create your own custom color palette, click on the Create New Palette button at the top of the menu.

A pop-up will appear giving you two options: selecting a pre-made color scheme or creating one from scratch. To create a custom palette from scratch, select Create a Custom Palette. You’ll then be able to pick individual colors using either Hex codes or RGB values, which will allow you to define exact shades and hues.

Once you’ve chosen your colors and given them all names, click Done. Your new palette will now appear in the Color menu next to all of the other pre-made ones and any other custom palettes you have created previously.

Now that you know how to create a custom color palette in Canva, here are some tips for getting the most out of it:

  • Choose Colors Carefully: Make sure that whatever colors you choose for your palette are ones that will work together cohesively and help communicate your message.
  • Think About Branding: If you’re creating a project for a business or organization, consider their brand identity when choosing colors for your palette.

Creating a custom color palette in Canva is easy and allows users more flexibility when designing projects. By following these steps and considering key elements like branding, users can make sure their custom palettes are effective tools for communicating their message.