How Do I Create a Thumbnail in Canva Mobile?

Creating a thumbnail in Canva Mobile is easy and intuitive! As a visual content platform, Canva Mobile makes it simple to create visually pleasing thumbnails for your social media posts, blog posts, and more. With an array of tools and templates at your fingertips, you can quickly design a high-quality thumbnail that will get your content noticed.

The first step is to open the Canva app on your mobile device. From there, click on the ‘Create a Design’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

You will then be presented with the option to select a template or start from scratch. The ‘Thumbnail’ category is a great place to start if you are looking for inspiration or guidance for creating your design.

Once you have selected a template or started from scratch, you can start customizing your design. Canva Mobile allows you to add text, images, shapes and other elements with ease.

You can also modify the background color and add filters to adjust the look of your thumbnail. There is also an extensive library of illustrations, icons and photos available to help give your design that extra special touch.

When you are finished editing your design, click on the ‘Save’ button in the top right corner of the screen. You can save your design as an image file or share it directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Creating a custom thumbnail with Canva Mobile is easy! With its wide range of tools and templates available, it’s possible to create an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail in no time at all! So why not give it a try today?