How Do I Create Wireframes in Figma?

Wireframes are an important tool for designers to plan out their website or app design. They are a visual representation of the structure and navigation of a website or application, and help designers communicate their ideas to other stakeholders.

Creating wireframes in Figma is a straightforward process that can be done quickly and easily.

The first step is to create a new Figma file. From there, you can begin designing your wireframe. You will be able to add shapes, text, images, buttons, and more to create your wireframe.

For each element you add to your wireframe, you can customize it with different colors, fonts, sizes, and more. You can also layer elements on top of each other so they appear in the order you want them to appear on the page. This makes it easy to create complex designs with multiple elements.

Using Components

Figma allows you to create components which are reusable elements that you can use throughout your design. You can create components such as headers, footers, buttons, and more which will allow you to quickly build out your design without having to recreate each element every time.

Adding Interactions

Figma also allows you to add interactions which allow users to interact with your design in different ways. You can add hover effects so when a user hovers over an element it changes color or size or animates in some way. You can also add click events so when a user clicks an element it performs an action such as opening a new page or displaying a pop-up window.

Sharing Wireframes

Once your wireframe is complete in Figma, you can share it with other stakeholders so they can view and comment on it. This makes collaboration much easier as everyone will be able to view the same design at the same time.


Creating wireframes in Figma is simple and efficient thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful features. With its ability to customize elements, layer them together, create components for reuse, add interactions for user engagement, and share designs with others for collaboration – creating wireframes in Figma has never been easier.