How Do I Crop a Circle in Figma?

Circles are a powerful, versatile shape that can be used for visual designs. When it comes to creating designs in Figma, you may want to know how to crop a circle. This article will provide an overview of how to crop a circle in Figma and offer some tips for styling your circle.

To begin, you’ll need to select the circle and then click on the “Crop” option from the options menu. This will bring up a new window with several options that allow you to adjust the size, shape, and orientation of the circle. You can also use the sliders on this window to adjust the corner radius of the circle or add a border or shadow effect.

Once you have adjusted the size and shape of your circle, you can use other tools to customize it further. You can add color with the color picker tool or use gradients and patterns for more complex designs. You can also add text or images inside or outside of your circle using Figma’s various shapes tools.

If you need to make minor adjustments after cropping your circle in Figma, such as adjusting its proportions or position on the canvas, you can use the Transform tool. This tool allows you to rotate, resize and move your circles easily.

Styling Your Circle:

Once you have cropped and adjusted your circles in Figma, there are several ways to style them for a unique look. You can try adding shadows or borders for added depth and contrast. You can also experiment with different colors and gradients for a more vibrant look.

You can also use blending modes such as multiply, screen or overlay in combination with gradients for interesting effects. Finally, layering multiple circles together is another great way to create visually interesting shapes.


Cropping circles in Figma is easy once you understand how it works. With some practice and experimentation with styling techniques like shadows, borders, colors and gradients, you can craft beautiful circles that stand out from other designs.