How Do I Crop a Figma Frame?

Cropping a frame in Figma is a straightforward process that gives you the ability to quickly focus on a specific area of an image without having to edit the entire image. It’s great for quickly creating or editing assets for applications, websites, or any other type of design project.

To crop a frame in Figma, open the frame you’d like to work with and select the “Crop” icon from the top toolbar. This will open up a new toolbar on the left side of your screen where you can adjust the shape, size and position of your crop.

You can choose from one of the preset shapes such as circle, square or rectangle, or you can create your own custom shape. Once you have chosen your desired shape and size, click “Apply” to apply it to your frame.

You can also use Figma’s “Snap to Grid” feature to easily align and resize your crop within an existing grid layout. To enable this feature, simply click on “Grid Settings” in the top toolbar and check “Snap To Grid”. You will then be able to move and resize your crop using keyboard shortcuts while it is snapped into place with other items on the page.

You also have several options for styling your crop. If you are creating an asset for use in an application or website design, you may want to add some color or texture to it. You can do this by clicking on “Fill” in the left-hand toolbar and then selecting from one of the many presets available. You can also adjust the opacity of your fill by clicking on “Opacity Settings” from within that same menu.

Finally, when you are happy with how your cropped frame looks, simply click “Done” in the top toolbar and it will be saved as part of your project. You can then export it as an image file or use it directly within Figma as part of another design project.

In summary, cropping a frame in Figma is a simple process that gives designers control over how they want their images displayed. With various presets available for shapes and fills as well as easy alignment options using Snap To Grid, designers have all they need to quickly create professional looking assets without having to edit every pixel themselves.

Conclusion: Cropping a frame in Figma is easy and straightforward with plenty of features available that allow designers full control over how their frames look within their projects. With presets available for shapes and fills as well as quick alignment options using Snap To Grid feature, cropping images has never been easier for designers.