How Do I Crop an Image in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a powerful software used for designing and drafting in various industries. One common task that designers often need to perform is cropping an image within AutoCAD. Cropping an image allows you to remove unwanted parts and focus on the specific area of interest.

Using the CLIP command

If you want to crop an image in AutoCAD, you can use the CLIP command. This command allows you to define a boundary around the image, and everything outside of that boundary will be removed.

Step 1: To start, open your AutoCAD drawing that contains the image you want to crop.

Step 2: Type CLIP in the command line or select it from the Modify menu.

Step 3: Select the image you want to crop. You can do this by clicking on it or by using a selection method like window or crossing selection.

Step 4: AutoCAD will prompt you to specify the first corner of the clipping boundary.

Click on one corner of the area you want to keep in your cropped image.

Step 5: Next, AutoCAD will ask for the opposite corner of the clipping boundary. Click on another corner diagonally opposite to define the cropping area.

Note: You can also use other selection methods like polygonal selection or object selection within a polyline boundary by following similar steps.

Cropping multiple images simultaneously

If you have multiple images in your drawing and want to crop them all at once, AutoCAD provides a convenient way to do so using a block and WBLOCK command.

Create a block

  • First, select all the images you want to crop by using a selection method.
  • Type BLOCK in the command line or select it from the Draw menu to create a block.
  • Specify a name for the block and click OK.

Use WBLOCK command

  • Type WBLOCK in the command line or select it from the File menu.
  • Select ‘Entire Drawing’ or ‘Objects’ as per your preference.
  • In the ‘Save As’ dialog box, specify a location and filename for the new drawing file and click Save.

The new drawing file will contain only the cropped images as separate blocks. You can insert this file into your original drawing to replace the original images with cropped versions.


Cropping an image in AutoCAD is a useful technique to remove unwanted parts and focus on specific areas. By using the CLIP command, you can easily define a boundary and crop an image.

Additionally, you can use blocks and the WBLOCK command to crop multiple images simultaneously. These methods will help you efficiently crop images within AutoCAD and enhance your design workflow.

Remember, practice makes perfect! So, give it a try in your next AutoCAD project and see how cropping images can improve your designs!