How Do I Crop and Paste in Canva?

Canva is a powerful and easy-to-use online graphic design program that allows you to create beautiful designs quickly and easily. With Canva, you can easily crop and paste images into your designs, without having to worry about the size or format of the image. This article will explain how to crop and paste in Canva, as well as how to style the text using HTML tags.

Cropping an Image

The first step in cropping an image in Canva is to select the image that you want to use. Once you have selected your image, click on the “Crop” tool located on the left-hand side of the page.

This will open up a box that allows you to adjust the cropping area. You can drag and drop the edges of this box around your image until it is cropped exactly how you want it. When you are finished, click “Done” at the bottom of the box.

Pasting an Image

Once your image is cropped, it’s time to paste it into your design. To do this, click on “Paste” located in the top right corner of your screen.

This will open up a toolbar with several options for pasting your image. You can choose whether to paste it as a background or as an object, as well as where exactly in your design you would like it pasted. When you are finished making these choices, click “Done” at the bottom of the toolbar.

Styling Text with HTML Tags

Canva also allows you to style text using HTML tags such as , , and

. These tags allow you to add emphasis or structure to your text by making words bold or italicized, creating paragraphs, or adding line breaks between words.

To use these tags in Canva, simply type them into the text box before typing in any words. For example, if you wanted a word or phrase to be bolded in Canva then simply type , followed by whatever word or phrase you would like bolded.


Cropping and pasting images into Canva is an easy process that anyone can do with ease. Additionally, styling text with HTML tags adds structure and emphasis that can help bring out key points within a design quickly and efficiently. By following these steps outlined above, anyone can quickly learn how do crop and paste images into their design while also styling their text with HTML tags.