How Do I Cut Out an Image in Canva?

Cutting out an image in Canva is a great way to create professional looking graphics for your project. It can be used to create intricate and detailed designs, or to make a simple cut-out of an image.

To get started, open the Canva app and select “Create a Design”. You will be able to choose from a variety of different templates or start from scratch. Once you have made your selection, you will be able to upload your desired image by clicking on “Uploads”.

Once the image is uploaded, select the “Crop” icon located at the top-right corner of the screen. You can then choose one of two options: either use the “Square Crop” tool or the “Free Hand Selection Tool”. The Square Crop tool allows you to select an exact shape and size for your cut-out, while the Free Hand Selection Tool allows you to make an arbitrary selection with your cursor.

Next, use either tool to trace around the area that you want to keep in your design and click on “Crop” once you are done. This will remove any part of the image that is outside of the selection that you just made. You can also adjust any parts of the selection by using the editing tools located at the top of the screen.

After making all necessary adjustments, click on “Save” and you will have successfully created a cut-out of an image in Canva! To finish off your design, make sure to add text or other elements as desired before exporting it as a .png or .jpg file type for further use.

In conclusion, cutting out an image in Canva is a straightforward process that requires only basic knowledge of its tools and features. It provides users with both quick and precise ways to create professional looking graphics for their projects with ease – making it one of our go-to tools when designing images!