How Do I Distort Text in Canva?

Distorting text in Canva is a great way to make your designs stand out. It can add a unique twist to even the most mundane of designs. Whether you’re creating a logo, website banner, or invitation card – distorting text can give it a creative edge.

Canva makes it easy to manipulate text in any way you want. You can distort text by using the “Text Warp” feature.

This feature allows you to bend and shape your text in various ways – from circles and arcs, to swirls and waves. You can also adjust the size, spacing and color of the distorted text for added effect.

To get started, open Canva and select the “Text Warp” tool from the left-hand side menu. Then click on any existing text box on your design or create a new one by selecting “Text” from the top toolbar. Type in your desired text and then select “Text Warp” from the right-hand side menu.

On this menu, you will be presented with several options for distorting your text including: Arc, Wave, Circle, Swirl, Zigzag and more. Select one of these options and drag the slider underneath it to adjust how much distortion you want on your text. You can also use the rotate handle at the center of the warped text to further customize its shape.

When you’re done with customizing your warped text, click on “Done” at the top right corner of Canva and save your design as usual.

You can also style up your distorted text using HTML tags like bold, underlined, italicized, etc., for added effect.

In conclusion, distorting text in Canva is an easy way to give any design an extra creative edge. The Text Warp feature makes it simple to bend and shape texts into various shapes – from circles and arcs, to swirls and waves – with just a few clicks of a button. With some creativity you can use this feature to create amazing designs that are sure to turn heads!