How Do I Download Canva Stickers?

Canva stickers are a great way to add some extra flair and visual appeal to your projects. Whether you need to add a bit of fun to a collage or just want to make something look more appealing, adding stickers is an easy way to spruce up your project. But how do you go about downloading Canva stickers?

The first step in downloading Canva stickers is to find the ones that you like. You can search for different types of Canva sticker packs by typing in keywords or browsing through the categories on the website. Once you’ve found the ones that work best for your project, it’s time to download them.

When you’ve located the sticker pack that you want, simply click on the ‘Download’ button located next to it. Your browser should then prompt you with a dialogue box asking if you want to open or save the file. Choose ‘Save File’ and then select where on your computer it should be saved.

After it has been downloaded, open the file and extract any images from inside of it. Depending on which type of file it is (such as .PNG or .JPG), this can be done by using an image viewer such as Windows Photo Viewer or Apple Preview.

Once all of your images have been extracted, they will be available for use in Canva. To insert them into any project, simply click on the ‘Stickers’ tab at the bottom of your screen and choose which image(s) you would like to add.

You can even customize them further with any text or other elements that you have in your project.


Downloading Canva stickers is simple and straightforward. All that is required is finding the sticker pack that best fits your project, downloading it onto your computer, extracting any images from inside of it, and then inserting those images into your project in Canva.