How Do I Download CSS From Figma?

Figma is one of the most popular tools used by web designers and developers for creating and sharing interactive prototypes. One of the best features that Figma offers is the ability to download CSS code directly from designs created in the software.

This allows for a faster development process since you don’t have to manually write out all the code in order to create a website. By downloading CSS from Figma, you can save time and energy when it comes to designing websites.

The process of downloading CSS from Figma is quite simple. First, open up your design project in Figma and select the area you want to export as CSS.

Then, click on “Copy as CSS” from the menu at the top of your screen. This will generate a code snippet which you can paste into your website’s HTML or CSS file.

Once you have your code snippet, it’s time to style it using HTML tags. This includes using bold, underline, and


tags where applicable. You can also add additional styling by using classes or ID selectors in order to make further modifications if needed.

Finally, when styling is complete, you can upload your website’s HTML file or save your changes directly into Figma. If you need to make any changes afterwards, simply go back into Figma and make them again.


Downloading CSS from Figma is an incredibly helpful feature for web designers and developers since it allows them to create websites faster without having to manually write out all of the code themselves. The process is simple – first copy as CSS, then style with HTML tags such as bold, underline, and paragraph tags where applicable. Finally upload or save changes directly into Figma if needed.