How Do I Edit My CV on Canva?

Crafting the perfect CV can be challenging. You need to make sure that you have all the necessary information, and that your resume looks professional. Fortunately, with Canva, you can easily create and edit your CV.

Canva is a web-based graphic design software that allows you to create a professional resume quickly and easily. With Canva’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can design a polished and eye-catching CV in minutes. You don’t need any previous design experience; Canva offers hundreds of templates to get you started. All you need to do is enter your personal information and tweak the template to match your requirements.

When editing your CV on Canva, start by selecting a template from the library of professionally designed resumes. There are dozens of designs available for different industries and career levels so make sure to choose one that best suits your needs.

Once you’ve chosen a template, begin adding or removing elements as needed. Add photos, icons, shapes or lines as necessary to create a unique look for your resume.

You can also customize text on Canva by changing font styles, sizes and colors. Use bold typefaces or underline words to emphasize important points in your resume. When adding text, make sure it is concise yet comprehensive in order to capture the reader’s attention quickly.

When you are satisfied with the look of your CV, save it as a PDF file or print it out directly from Canva for easy distribution. You can also share it online via email or social media sites such as LinkedIn.


Editing your CV on Canva is an easy and convenient way to create a professional looking resume in minutes. With its drag-and-drop interface and library of templates, customizing text styles and adding graphics is simple. When finished editing your resume on Canva, save it as a PDF file or print it out directly for easy distribution.