How Do I Embed a Google Map in Webflow?

Are you looking to add a Google Map to your Webflow website? It’s a great way to provide location information or directions to your visitors. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to embed a Google Map in Webflow using simple HTML code.

Step 1: Get the Embed Code

The first step is to get the embed code for the Google Map you want to add. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google Maps.

  2. Type the location or address in the search bar at the top of the page.

  3. Once you’ve found the correct location, click on the “Share” button.

  4. In the popup that appears, click on the “Embed a map” tab.

  5. Customize the size and other options if needed.

  6. Copy the generated HTML code.

Step 2: Add an Embed Element in Webflow

Now that we have the embed code, let’s add it to our Webflow website:

  1. Login to your Webflow account and open your project in the Designer.

  2. Select the page where you want to embed the Google Map.

    • If you want to add it as a separate section:
    • Create a new section by clicking on the “+” icon in the Navigator.
    • Drag and drop an Embed element into the new section.
    • If you want to add it within an existing section:
    • Select the element or container where you want to add the Google Map.
    • Drag and drop an Embed element into that container.
  3. Paste the copied embed code into the Embed element. You can do this by double-clicking on the Embed element and pasting the code in the Code Editor that appears.

  4. Adjust the size or position of the Embed element if needed.

Step 3: Publish Your Webflow Website

Once you have added the Google Map to your Webflow website, make sure to publish your changes for it to appear online:

  1. In the Designer, click on “Publish” in the top-right corner.

  2. Follow the prompts to publish your website.


If you’re using a Webflow hosting plan, your changes will be automatically published. If you’re using custom hosting, make sure to upload your updated files to your server for them to take effect.

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded a Google Map in Webflow.

Now visitors to your website can easily find your location or get directions directly from your site. Feel free to customize other aspects of your map like markers, zoom level, or map type by exploring Google Maps’ options and adjusting their corresponding parameters in the embed code.

Remember, using maps on your website can greatly enhance user experience and make your site more interactive and informative. So go ahead and give it a try!