How Do I Enable Change to Option in Figma?

With Figma, the web-based collaborative design and prototyping tool, you can quickly create beautiful designs with the help of powerful tools. But what if you want to modify existing design elements or even change the options for a certain element?

Here’s how you can do that in Figma.

In Figma, when you select an element on the canvas, a properties panel appears on the right side of your screen. This Properties Panel has a list of different attributes or options that can be modified for that particular element.

You can use this panel to adjust various parameters such as color, size, shadow, etc.

If you want to change an option in Figma, first select the element on the canvas and then click on the ‘Edit’ button in the Properties Panel. This will open up a pop-up window with all available options for that particular element. Here you can make changes to any option by simply clicking on it and adjusting its value as desired.

You can also add new options to an existing element by clicking on ‘+ Add Option’ in the Properties Panel. This will open up a list of available options that you can choose from. Once selected, these new options will be added to your element so that they are visible in the Properties Panel.


In summary, enabling change to options in Figma is easy and straightforward process. Simply select an element on the canvas and then use the Properties Panel to modify existing attributes or add new ones as desired. With these steps, you should have no problem changing any option for any element in Figma.