How Do I Enter a Serial Number Into AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a powerful software tool used by architects, engineers, and designers to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. When using AutoCAD, you may need to enter a serial number to activate the software or access certain features. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of entering a serial number into AutoCAD.

Step 1: Launch AutoCAD

To begin, open the AutoCAD application on your computer. You can usually find it in your list of installed programs or by searching for it in the Start menu.

Step 2: Access the Help Menu

Once AutoCAD is open, navigate to the top menu bar and click on the “Help” tab. A dropdown menu will appear.

Step 3: Select About Autodesk AutoCAD

In the Help dropdown menu, select “About Autodesk AutoCAD“. This will open a new dialog box providing information about your current version of AutoCAD.

Step 4: Find Your Serial Number

In the About dialog box, look for the “Serial number:” field. The serial number is a unique identifier that allows you to activate and use AutoCAD. It is typically a combination of letters and numbers.


If you have purchased a physical copy of AutoCAD, your serial number may be located on a sticker inside the product packaging. If you received an electronic copy or downloaded it from Autodesk’s website, you may have received the serial number via email.

Step 5: Enter Your Serial Number

Carefully enter your serial number in the designated field within the About dialog box. Be sure to double-check the serial number to ensure accuracy.

Autocorrect and other text manipulation tools may inadvertently change your input. Once you have entered the serial number, click “OK“.

Step 6: Verify Activation

After entering the serial number, AutoCAD will verify the activation status. If the serial number is valid, AutoCAD will be activated, and you can start using all its features. If the serial number is incorrect or has already been used, you may need to contact Autodesk Support for further assistance.

Congratulations! You have successfully entered a serial number into AutoCAD. Now you can take full advantage of this powerful software for your architectural, engineering, or design projects.


If you encounter any issues while entering your serial number or activating AutoCAD, consider these troubleshooting steps:

  • Double-check: Ensure that you have accurately entered the serial number without any typos or missing characters.
  • Contact Autodesk Support: If the issue persists, reach out to Autodesk Support for guidance and assistance with activation.

By following these steps, you should now be able to enter a serial number into AutoCAD and activate the software successfully. Enjoy using AutoCAD to bring your designs to life!