How Do I Evenly Align in Canva?

Aligning elements evenly in Canva can be done with a few simple steps. To begin, you need to select the elements you want to align.

You can select multiple elements at once by holding the ‘Shift’ key while clicking items. Once all of your elements are selected, you will see two icons appear in the top right corner of the page – one for aligning horizontally, and one for aligning vertically.

If you wish to align your elements evenly across a horizontal axis, click on the icon depicting two arrows pointing away from each other. This will align all of your selected elements to the left margin of the page.

If you wish to align them in a vertical fashion, click on the icon depicting two arrows pointing towards each other. This will centre all of your selected objects.

Aligning Evenly With Guides

Another way to ensure that your elements are aligned evenly is by using guides. To begin, select ‘View’ from the top toolbar and then click on ‘Show Guides’. This will turn on guides across your design which can be used as a reference point when aligning objects.

Once this is enabled, move each object off of its current axis and onto one that corresponds with a guide line. Once they are all aligned with their respective lines, they will be evenly spaced out across the page.


Aligning objects in Canva evenly is easy when you use guides or horizontal/vertical alignment tools. With just a few clicks and some simple steps, you can make sure that all of your objects are perfectly spaced out across your design.