How Do I Export a Figma Presentation?

Figma is an increasingly popular web-based design tool that allows you to create and collaborate on projects with other designers and developers. It is a great way to quickly iterate on ideas and designs, as well as share them with others.

But what if you want to take your Figma project out of the browser and into a presentation or document? Fortunately, it is easy to export a Figma presentation for use in other applications.

The first step in exporting a Figma presentation is to open your file in the browser. Once the file is open, click the “Export” button in the top right corner of the screen.

This will open up a menu where you can choose what type of file format you would like your project exported as. For presentations, select either PDF or PNG, depending on which option is best for your project.

Once you have selected your export format, select which elements of the project you would like to export. You can choose individual frames, artboards, or entire pages.

When selecting frames and artboards, you can also specify which elements within those items should be included in the export (e.g., text labels). When selecting pages, you can also specify whether linked frames should be included.

Finally, click “Export” at the bottom of the menu window. Figma will then create a file for each item selected for export and save it to your computer’s local storage or cloud storage service (e., Dropbox). You can then open these files in whatever application you need for your presentation.

Exporting a Figma presentation is easy and straightforward process that requires only a few steps – opening your file in the browser, selecting an export format, choosing what items should be exported, and clicking ‘Export’ at the bottom of the menu window. Once completed, these files can be opened in any application needed for presentations or documents.