How Do I Export a Figma Prototype Video?

Figma is a rapid prototyping and interface design tool that allows users to easily create interactive prototypes. It’s used by designers and developers to quickly iterate on designs, share feedback, and collaborate with team members.

One of the many features of Figma is the ability to export a video of your prototype. This feature allows you to quickly record a video of your prototype in action and share it with teammates or clients.

Exporting a video from Figma is easy. First, open your prototype in Figma and select “Export Video” from the top bar.

You can then customize the settings for the video such as resolution, frame rate, and playback speed. Once you’ve made your selections, click “Export” to begin exporting your video.

Once the export is complete, you can find the video in your Downloads folder (or wherever you selected to save it). The file will be saved as an .mp4 file which can be played on any computer or uploaded to YouTube or other online sharing services.

Using Video for Prototyping

Exporting videos from Figma is an effective way to quickly share prototypes with others. Videos provide an easy way for people to see a prototype in action without having to open up Figma itself. Additionally, videos can be shared more easily than live prototypes since they do not require any special software or plugins.

Videos are also useful for documenting designs over time. By recording a video at each stage of development, designers can track changes and maintain an archive of their work.


Exporting a video from Figma is an easy way to quickly record and share a prototype with others. It provides an efficient way for team members or clients to view the design without having to open up Figma itself. Additionally, videos are useful for documenting designs over time and tracking changes throughout development.