How Do I Export a Figma Site?

Exporting a Figma site can be an important part of the design process. Whether you are creating an entire website or just a single page, exporting your design from Figma is key to ensuring that it can be used in the real world. Fortunately, exporting a Figma site is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

The first step in exporting your Figma site is to select the “Export” option from the “File” menu at the top of the page. This will bring up a dialog box that allows you to choose which elements of your design you want to export. You can export individual components, entire frames, or even multiple frames at once.

You can also choose whether to include assets such as images or fonts with your export.

Once you have chosen which elements of your design you wish to export, click “Export” and then select the format that you want to use. You can choose from popular formats such as SVG, PDF, and PNG, or select “All Files” if you need a more custom format such as HTML or CSS.

Finally, click “Export” again and then select where on your computer you want to save the file. This could be anywhere from your desktop to your Dropbox folder. Once exported, you will be able to access and use your Figma site wherever you need it.


Exporting a Figma site is straightforward and easy for anyone with basic design knowledge. All that is required is selecting which elements of your design should be exported, choosing what format should be used for the files, and then saving them in a convenient location on your computer. With just these few steps, anyone can quickly export their designs from Figma into usable formats that they can use in their projects.