How Do I Export a Print Ready PDF From Figma?

Exporting your designs from Figma to a print-ready PDF can be a difficult process. It takes proper knowledge of the software and the right settings in order to make sure your PDF is ready for printing.

Fortunately, Figma has many useful features that make this process easier. Here’s how you can export a print-ready PDF from Figma:

1. Set your document size
The first step is to set up the size of your document in Figma.

This will determine how large the printed document will be and will also affect the quality of the print. To set up the size, go to File > Document Settings and set your width and height according to the size of your intended print.

2. Configure export settings
Once you have set up the size, it’s time to configure the export settings.

Go to File > Export and select “PDF” as the file format. You can then choose between “Standard” and “Print Ready” options, depending on what kind of output you need. For most prints, select “Print Ready” as this will give you higher quality output.

3. Adjust image resolution
The next step is to adjust the resolution of any images in your document so that they are suitable for printing. To do this, go to File > Export Settings and click on Advanced Options.

Here you can adjust the resolution for all images in your design.

4. Generate PDF

Once you have adjusted all necessary settings, it’s time to generate a print-ready PDF from Figma. To do this, go back to File > Export and click on Generate PDF button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

When exporting a design from Figma into a print-ready PDF file, it’s important to understand what settings need adjusting before doing so in order to get high quality output that can be used for printing purposes without any issues.
Following these steps should help guide users through setting up their document properly before exporting it as a high quality PDF file suitable for printing purposes!