How Do I Export and Import a Figma File?

Exporting and importing designs from Figma is a great way to share ideas with colleagues, collaborate on projects, or even just save a project for later. Exporting and importing Figma files is simple and easy to do. Here are the steps to export and import a Figma file.

Step 1: Open the project you want to export or import in the Figma workspace.
Step 2: To export, click the “File” option in the top left corner of your workspace. From there, select “Export” and choose the desired format you would like your file to be exported as (e.g., PNG, SVG).

Step 3: To import, select “File” then “Import” and upload your desired file format into the workspace.
Step 4: Select any settings you would like to apply for your imported file (e., color space).
Step 5: Once all settings have been adjusted, click “Import” to finish importing your file into Figma.


Exporting and importing a Figma file is an easy way to share designs with colleagues or save them for later use. By following these simple steps, you can easily export or import your Figma files in minutes!