How Do I Export Individual Layers in Figma?

Figma is a powerful vector-based design tool that allows users to quickly create and design a variety of designs. One of the most useful features in Figma is the ability to export individual layers from a project. This feature allows you to export specific layers that you need for different projects or media, without having to export the entire project.

Exporting an individual layer in Figma is easy. First, open your project and select the layer you want to export.

Then, click on the “Export” option in the top menu bar. You will then see a list of options for exporting your layer. Select “Individual Layer” from this list and enter a file name for your exported layer.

Once you have exported your layer, it will be saved as an SVG or PNG file depending on what type of layer it was. You can now use this file in other projects or media as required. Figma also offers some additional options for exporting layers such as setting a background color for transparent objects, adjusting the size and quality of the image, and changing the file format.


The ability to export individual layers in Figma makes it easy to reuse elements from different projects without having to re-create them every time. Exporting layers is relatively simple, just select “Export” from the top menu bar and then select “Individual Layer” from the options list. After entering a file name, your layer will be saved as an SVG or PNG depending on its type.