How Do I Export Multiple Images From Figma?

Exporting multiple images from Figma can be an efficient way to quickly move your designs from the platform. It’s a great way to have your designs ready for use in other applications and making them available to clients and colleagues. Here are some tips on how to export multiple images from Figma.

Step 1: The first step is to open up the project that you want to save as images. Once you’re in the project, select all of the elements that you want to export by either holding down Shift and clicking them individually or using a marquee selection tool. This will highlight all of the elements that you want to save.

Step 2: After selecting all of the elements, click on File > Export. This will open up a window with a list of options for exporting your design elements. Select “Export As” and then choose “Images”.

Step 3: Once you’ve chosen “Images,” you’ll be presented with a few more options. First, select the format you’d like your images saved in (JPG, PNG, etc.).

Then, choose whether you’d like your images exported as individual files or grouped together into one folder. Finally, decide whether or not you’d like your image sizes optimized for printing or web use.

Step 4: After making all of your selections about how you’d like your images exported, click on “Export” to finish the process. You’ll receive a confirmation window letting you know that your files have been exported successfully and are now ready for use elsewhere.

Conclusion: Exporting multiple images from Figma is an efficient way to quickly move designs between platforms and make them available for clients and colleagues. By following these four steps – opening up the project, selecting elements, choosing an export option, and finally clicking “Export” – users can easily export multiple images from Figma with relative ease.