How Do I Export SketchUp to DWG?

How Do I Export SketchUp to DWG?

If you are a SketchUp user and need to export your designs to DWG format for compatibility with other CAD software, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of exporting your SketchUp models to DWG format step by step.

Step 1: Open Your SketchUp Model

Before you can export your model, make sure you have it open in SketchUp. If not, launch the software and load your desired model.

Step 2: Go to ‘File’ Menu

To begin the export process, navigate to the ‘File’ menu located at the top left corner of the SketchUp interface.

Step 3: Select ‘Save As’

From the ‘File’ menu, select the ‘Save As’ option. This will open a dialog box where you can specify the file name and location for your exported DWG file.

Step 4: Choose ‘DWG’ as File Format

In the dialog box, locate the dropdown menu labeled ‘Format’ or ‘Save as Type.’ Click on it and choose ‘DWG’ as the desired file format for export.

Step 5: Adjust Export Options (Optional)

Depending on your requirements, you may want to adjust some additional export options before saving your model as a DWG file. These options typically include units, scale, layers, and entity types.

Take a moment to review and modify these settings if needed.


  • Units: Ensure that the units selected match the intended scale of your model.
  • Scale: If necessary, you can apply a scaling factor to your exported DWG file.
  • Layers: Specify how SketchUp layers should be organized in the exported DWG file.
  • Entity Types: Choose whether to export only specific types of entities (e.g., edges, faces).

Step 6: Save the DWG File

Once you have adjusted the export options to your liking, click on the ‘Save’ button in the dialog box. SketchUp will now generate the DWG file using your specified settings.

Step 7: Verify Exported DWG File

After saving the DWG file, it is essential to verify its integrity by opening it in a compatible CAD software application. This step ensures that all elements and details of your original SketchUp model are correctly transferred to the DWG format.

That’s it! You have successfully exported your SketchUp model to DWG format.

Now you can freely share or collaborate on your designs with CAD users who rely on this popular file format.

Note: Keep in mind that some advanced features or complex geometry may not be fully compatible with certain CAD software when exporting from SketchUp. It is always recommended to test and verify compatibility before relying heavily on exported files for critical projects.

Now that you know how to export SketchUp models to DWG format, you can confidently exchange files with other professionals in the industry without any compatibility issues. Happy exporting!