How Do I Export Sweet Home 3D to SketchUp?

Sweet Home 3D is a popular software used for designing and planning interiors of homes, while SketchUp is widely known for its 3D modeling capabilities. If you’re wondering how to export your Sweet Home 3D designs to SketchUp, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Exporting Sweet Home 3D to OBJ Format

The first step in exporting your Sweet Home 3D design to SketchUp is to save it in OBJ format. OBJ (Object) files contain both the geometry and texture information of your model, making it compatible with SketchUp.

  1. Open your design – Launch Sweet Home 3D and open the design file you want to export.
  2. Select ‘Export’ – Go to the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Export’ from the dropdown.
  3. Choose OBJ format – In the export dialog box, select ‘Wavefront OBJ (*.obj)’ as the file format.
  4. Save your file – Specify a name for your exported file and choose a location on your computer where you want to save it. Click ‘Save’.

Importing OBJ File into SketchUp

Now that you have exported your design from Sweet Home 3D in OBJ format, it’s time to import it into SketchUp.

  1. Open SketchUp – Launch SketchUp on your computer.
  2. Select ‘Import’ – Go to the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Import’ from the dropdown.
  3. Locate the OBJ file – In the import dialog box, browse to the location where you saved the OBJ file exported from Sweet Home 3D. Select the file and click ‘Import’.
  4. Adjust import settings – SketchUp will present you with import settings.

    Ensure that the units, materials, and other options are configured correctly based on your Sweet Home 3D design. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.

  5. Position and scale your model – After importing, you may need to adjust the position and scale of your model in SketchUp to align it with your desired scene or floor plan. Use SketchUp’s navigation tools to manipulate the model as needed.

Further Editing and Enhancing in SketchUp

Congratulations! You have successfully exported your Sweet Home 3D design into SketchUp. Now, let’s explore some additional editing and enhancing options available within SketchUp.

Materials and Textures

In SketchUp, you can apply various materials and textures to your models for a more realistic appearance. Use the ‘Paint Bucket’ tool to apply different colors or textures to individual surfaces or groups of surfaces within your design.

Add Geometry and Details

If you want to add more complexity or details to your design, SketchUp provides a wide range of tools for creating additional geometry such as walls, windows, doors, furniture, landscaping elements, etc. These tools allow you to customize your model according to your specific requirements.

Rendering and Visualization

To enhance the visual quality of your design, consider using rendering plugins or software compatible with SketchUp. These tools can add realistic lighting, shadows, reflections, and other effects to your model.


Exporting your Sweet Home 3D designs to SketchUp is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly transfer your models between these two powerful software applications. Once in SketchUp, you have the freedom to further edit and enhance your designs with a wide range of tools and plugins available.

So go ahead and explore the endless possibilities that await you in SketchUp!