How Do I Get AutoCAD Free for 3 Years?

Welcome to this tutorial on how to get AutoCAD for free for 3 years! AutoCAD is a powerful software tool used by professionals in various industries such as architecture, engineering, and design. It allows users to create precise 2D and 3D drawings, making it an essential tool for many professionals.

Step 1: Visit the Autodesk website
To get started, open your web browser and visit the Autodesk website at Autodesk is the company behind AutoCAD and offers a free trial for students, educators, and educational institutions.

Step 2: Select the Free Software tab
Once you’re on the Autodesk website, navigate to the Free Software tab. Here you will find a list of software available for free trials.

Step 3: Choose AutoCAD
Scroll down until you find AutoCAD in the list of available software. Click on it to proceed.

Step 4: Select your educational role
Autodesk offers free access to AutoCAD for students, educators, and educational institutions. Depending on your role, click on the option that best describes you.

Step 5: Create an Autodesk account
To access the free trial, you will need to create an Autodesk account. Click on the “Create Account” button and fill in your details as required.

Step 6: Confirm your eligibility
After creating your account, you may need to confirm your eligibility for the free trial. This may involve providing proof of enrollment or employment at an educational institution.

Note: The specific requirements may vary depending on your region or country. Make sure to check with Autodesk for any additional documentation needed.

Step 7: Download and install AutoCAD
Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can proceed to download and install AutoCAD. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Autodesk to complete the installation process.

Step 8: Activate your free trial
After installing AutoCAD, launch the software and sign in with your Autodesk account. You should see an option to activate your free trial. Click on it and follow the prompts to activate your license for 3 years.

Now, you can start using AutoCAD for all your design and drafting needs. Remember that this free trial is valid for 3 years, so make the most of it during this period.

  • Use AutoCAD to create detailed 2D drawings.
  • Explore the powerful 3D modeling capabilities of AutoCAD.
  • Take advantage of various tools and features to enhance your productivity.


In conclusion, getting AutoCAD for free for 3 years is a great opportunity for students, educators, and educational institutions. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily access this powerful software tool and make use of its features to create precise drawings and designs.

Remember to check Autodesk’s website for any specific eligibility requirements or documentation needed in your region. Enjoy your free trial and make the most of this valuable resource!