How Do I Get Figma Shortcuts?

Figma shortcuts are an incredibly useful tool for anyone who works with design and development. They can help speed up workflows, save time and make it easier to collaborate with others.

Figma has many different shortcuts that can be used to quickly perform actions such as creating shapes, moving objects, and even changing colors. Learning how to use these shortcuts can make a huge difference in productivity and efficiency.

The first step to mastering Figma shortcuts is to familiarize yourself with the interface and its many features. Figma has an intuitive design that makes it easy to understand the various tools and functions available. Once you understand the basics of the program, you can start exploring the various shortcuts that are available.

Figma also has a great online help system that can provide you with detailed information about each shortcut and how it works. The help system will also provide you with examples of how each shortcut works in various situations, so you can quickly become familiar with them all. Additionally, there are some great tutorial videos available online that will walk you through using every one of the Figma shortcuts in detail.

Finally, if you need more guidance on how to get started with Figma shortcuts, there are plenty of helpful resources out there such as blogs, forums, and video tutorials that can give you more insight into this powerful tool. With a little bit of practice and patience, anyone can master Figma’s versatile set of tools in no time at all!


Figma shortcuts are an incredibly useful tool for any designer or developer looking to save time or increase their workflow efficiency. By familiarizing yourself with the interface, exploring Figma’s online help system or watching tutorial videos online, anyone can quickly learn how to use these powerful tools effectively. With dedication and practice, anyone can master Figma’s versatile set of tools in no time at all!