How Do I Get Free Figma Icons?

Figma is becoming a popular choice for web design, with its ability to create user interfaces quickly and easily. Figma icons are an invaluable asset for a web designer, allowing them to create unique and interesting designs. But how do you get free Figma icons? Don’t worry, there are several ways to get free Figma icons!

1. Use Icon Libraries: There are several online icon libraries that offer free Figma icons for use in your projects. These libraries include Icons8, Flaticon, and Unsplash. Each library offers a variety of styles and sizes of icons, so you can find the perfect one for your project.


Look on Social Media: Another great way to find free Figma icons is to look on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Many web designers post their own creations on these sites, so you can find some great options without having to search too hard.

3. Ask the Community: If you’re still having trouble finding the right icon for your project, don’t be afraid to ask the community! There are many online forums dedicated to web design where you can ask questions about getting free Figma icons or request help from other designers who may be able to point you in the right direction.

4. Use Online Generators: If all else fails, there are also online generators that can help you create your own custom Figma icons with just a few clicks of the mouse! These generators allow you to customize everything from color and size to shape and style, so you can really make your icon stand out from the crowd.


Finding free Figma icons doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming! With the help of these four methods – using icon libraries, looking on social media platforms, asking the community for help or using online generators – getting free Figma icons is easier than ever before.