How Do I Get Google Fonts on Figma?

Google Fonts is an incredibly useful tool for designers who want to add more visual interest to their designs. However, many people don’t know how to get Google Fonts on Figma. Fortunately, the process is fairly simple and straightforward.

First, you’ll need to find and select the font that you want to use in your design. Google Fonts offers a wide selection of free fonts that you can download and install on your computer.

Once you’ve chosen your font, go to the Google Fonts website and click the “Add to Collection” button next to the font’s name. This will add it to your collection so that it will be available whenever you need it.

Next, open Figma on your computer and select the project where you want to use the new font. Then, go to “File > Add Fonts” in Figma’s menu bar.

This will open a window where you can browse and select fonts from your computer or from Google Fonts. Select the font that you added to your collection earlier and click “Add” in order for it to be added into Figma’s library of fonts. You can now choose this font from Figma’s text tools when designing a project or creating text elements for your design.

Finally, if you want to adjust the settings for how this font looks in Figma, go back into File > Add Fonts and click on “Font Settings” next to the name of the font that you just added. Here, you can customize various aspects of this font such as its weight (boldness), size, line-spacing, etc., which will make it look better when used in Figma designs.

In conclusion, getting Google Fonts on Figma is incredibly easy and hassle-free – all it takes is a few clicks! With this guide as a reference, designers can quickly get access to beautiful typefaces from Google Fonts within their design projects in no time at all!

How Do I Get Google Fonts on Figma?
Getting Google fonts onto Figma is very easy – simply select the desired font from Google’s selection of free fonts and add them into your collection before adding them into your project via File > Add Fonts in Figma’s menu bar. You can also adjust certain settings for how this font looks within Figma by accessing “Font Settings” via File > Add Fonts as well. With these easy steps as guidance – designers can quickly get access beautiful typefaces from Google Fonts within their design projects without any hassle at all!