How Do I Get Hex Code for Canva?

Hex codes are used in the Canva platform to allow users to easily pick and customize exact colors for their designs. Hex codes are six-digit combinations of numbers and letters that represent a specific color. For example, the hex code for the color blue is #0000FF.

Canva provides its users with several options when selecting colors for their designs. Users can choose from a variety of pre-set colors, use the color wheel to generate a custom color, or manually enter a hex code into the ‘Hex’ field. Using a hex code ensures that you get an exact match for the desired color.

To get the hex code for a specific color, you have several options. One option is to use an online ‘color picker’ tool which allows you to select any color from your computer’s screen. You can then copy and paste the resulting hex code into Canva.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what hue of color you are looking for, there are various websites that provide lists of all available hex codes for colors. By searching for your desired hue on these websites, you can easily find and copy the corresponding hex code.


Getting the correct hex code for Canva is easy and straightforward. You can either use an online ‘color picker’ tool or find lists of all available hex codes online. Once you have found your desired hue, simply copy and paste it into Canva’s ‘Hex’ field and your design will be perfectly colored!