How Do I Get Icons in Figma?

Figma is one of the most popular user interface design tools currently available. It boasts a comprehensive suite of features, including vector editing, grid-based layout tools, and a library of icons and symbols. This makes it easy for designers to quickly create highly functional user interfaces.

One of Figma’s most useful features is its ability to quickly insert icons into any design. Icons are a great way to add visual appeal to user interfaces, as well as providing users with quick visual cues about what actions they can take. So how do you get icons into your Figma designs?

The first step is to locate the icon library in your Figma project. This library can be accessed by clicking on the “Libraries” tab in the left-hand sidebar.

From here you will find a large selection of pre-made icons that have been created specifically for use in Figma projects. You can browse through these and drag any that you want to use directly into your project canvas.

You can also search through the library using keywords or phrases to quickly find specific icons that you need for your project. Once you’ve found the icon you want, simply click on it and drag it onto your canvas where it will be automatically added to your project.

Another great way of getting access to an even larger selection of icons is by downloading icon packs from third-party websites such as Iconfinder or The Noun Project. These sites provide thousands of professionally designed and free-to-use vector icons which can easily be imported into Figma projects via the “Uploads” tab in the left-hand sidebar. Simply select an icon pack from one of these sites and then drag it into your project canvas where all its individual icons will automatically be added.

Once you’ve inserted an icon into your Figma design, you have access to a range of styling options which allow you to customize its appearance further if desired. Options include changing colors, adding effects such as drop shadows or gradients, resizing, and more – allowing for a high degree of flexibility when creating user interfaces with Figma’s powerful vector editing tools.


Getting icons into Figma designs is an easy process thanks to its comprehensive library of symbols and icons as well as the ability to import third-party icon packs from external sites like Iconfinder or The Noun Project With this wealth of options at hand, designers can quickly add visual appeal and contextually relevant cues within their designs with just a few clicks.