How Do I Get Material Design Icon in Figma?

Getting Material Design Icons in Figma can be a great way to add a modern and professional touch to your design. With Figma’s powerful design tools, you can easily create custom icons that can be used in both web and mobile applications.

The Material Design Icons library provides a comprehensive collection of icons for you to use in your designs.

Using the Material Design Icons library is as easy as downloading the .zip file from their website, unzipping it and then importing the icons into Figma. Once imported, you can customize the icons by changing their color, size, rotation and other parameters. You can also add animations or effects to make them even more engaging.

The process of styling Material Design Icons in Figma is quite simple. You can use any of the tools available in Figma such as the Vector Tools, Layer Styles, Text and Shapes tools to customize the look of your icons. This allows you to create custom icons with unique shapes, colors and sizes while still maintaining the core principles of Material Design.

To make sure that your icons are consistent with Google’s official design guidelines for Material Design Icons, it is important to ensure that they follow the same structure and principles. For example, all icon elements should have a consistent stroke weight and corner radius while also following the same grid system used by Google.


Getting Material Design Icons in Figma is an easy process that requires minimal effort from designers. With a few simple steps, you can import and style these iconic graphics into your designs for an eye-catching and professional look. With its powerful design tools and adherence to Google’s design guidelines for Material Design Icons, Figma provides an excellent platform for creating unique custom icons for your projects.