How Do I Get Plan View in SketchUp?

Are you a SketchUp user looking to get a plan view of your model? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps on how to achieve a plan view in SketchUp.

Step 1: Select the Camera Tool

Start by selecting the Camera Tool from the toolbar. It is represented by an icon resembling a camera. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut C to activate the tool.

Step 2: Adjust Camera View

With the Camera Tool activated, navigate to the desired viewpoint by using your mouse or trackpad. Zoom in or out as necessary to frame your model appropriately within the viewport.

Step 3: Set Camera to Parallel Projection

In order to achieve a plan view, you need to set your camera to Parallel Projection. To do this, go to the Camera menu and select Parallel Projection. You will notice that your perspective changes immediately.

Step 4: Align Axes and Orientation

To ensure that your plan view is aligned with the axes and orientation of your model, go back to the Camera menu and select Preset Views. From there, choose either Top (Plan), Bird’s Eye (Plan), or any other appropriate preset view that suits your needs.

Step 5: Save Your Plan View as a Scene (Optional)

If you frequently need access to a plan view of your model, it’s advisable to save it as a scene. This allows you to easily switch between different views of your model with just a few clicks.

To save your plan view as a scene, go to the Window menu and select Scenes. In the Scenes panel, click on the Add Scene button. Give your scene a descriptive name, such as “Plan View”, and click Create.

Step 6: Use Plan View for Construction or Design Purposes

Congratulations! You now have a plan view of your model in SketchUp. This view is particularly useful for construction or design purposes, allowing you to accurately measure distances, lay out elements, or create documentation.


  • Remember to save your work regularly to avoid losing any progress.
  • Experiment with different camera angles and positions to find the best plan view for your project.
  • If you want to return to the regular perspective view, simply select Perspective Projection from the Camera menu.

In conclusion, getting a plan view in SketchUp is easy and can greatly enhance your workflow. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial and utilizing the appropriate tools and settings, you can achieve accurate and professional-looking plan views of your models.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful! Happy modeling!