How Do I Get Rid of Free Watermark on Canva?

The watermark is a common feature in digital design tools. It’s a way to protect your work against unauthorized use.

For example, if you create an image with the Canva design program, it will automatically add a watermark to your finished product. This can be an annoying feature if you want to share your work on social media or other places where the watermark may not be appropriate.

However, there are ways to remove the watermark from Canva. The first option is to upgrade your account and purchase a Pro subscription.

With this subscription, you will be able to access additional features and tools that allow you to customize your designs and remove the watermark from your images. This is the simplest solution for those who want to use the full range of features available on Canva.

Another option is to use a third-party tool such as Pixlr or GIMP. These programs are free image editors that allow you to edit, crop, and remove any type of watermark from images. They can also be used to add text, graphics, and other elements to your designs before saving them without any watermarks.

Finally, if you don’t want to upgrade or use a third-party tool then there is one last option; manually remove the watermark yourself using Photoshop or another photo editing software program. This requires some technical knowledge but it can be done relatively easily by following online tutorials or watching YouTube videos.


Getting rid of free watermarks on Canva can be done in various ways depending on what type of access and knowledge you have available. If you have a Pro account then simply upgrade it in order to remove the watermark from all of your designs. Alternatively, use free image editors such as Pixlr or GIMP or manually edit out the watermark using Photoshop for more technical users.