How Do I Give Access to Webflow?

Welcome to this tutorial on how to give access to Webflow! Giving access to Webflow is a simple process that allows other users to collaborate with you on your Webflow projects.

Whether you’re working with a team or simply need someone else’s input, granting access can help streamline the design and development process. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the steps to give access in Webflow.

Step 1: Accessing Project Settings

To start, log in to your Webflow account and navigate to the project where you want to grant access. Once there, click on the “Settings” tab located at the top right corner of the interface.

Step 2: Team Tab

Within the Project Settings page, you’ll find a sidebar on the left side of the screen. Locate and click on the “Team” tab.

Step 3: Invite Team Member

Under the “Team” tab, you’ll see an option labeled “Invite Team Member.” Clicking on this will open a modal window where you can enter the email address of the person you want to grant access to.


  • Make sure you have entered a valid email address for the team member.
  • The person you invite must have a Webflow account in order to gain access.

Step 4: Select Permissions

After entering the email address, select the desired permissions for your team member from the options provided:

  • Editor: This permission level allows team members to make changes within specific areas of the project, such as editing content, images, and styles.
  • Designer: This permission level grants team members access to the Designer tool, enabling them to modify the project’s layout and design.
  • Admin: This is the highest permission level and provides team members with full control over the project, including managing other team members and settings.

Step 5: Send Invitation

Once you have selected the appropriate permissions, click on the “Send Invitation” button. Webflow will then send an email to your team member with instructions on how to accept the invitation and gain access to your project.


  • The invited team member must accept the invitation in order to access your project.
  • You can also remove team members or update their permissions at any time from the “Team” tab in your Project Settings.

Congratulations! You have successfully given access to Webflow. Now you can collaborate with others on your projects, making design and development a breeze!

Remember that granting access is a powerful tool that should be used wisely. Only provide access to individuals you trust and ensure they understand their responsibilities within your Webflow project.

Thank you for reading this tutorial! We hope it was helpful in guiding you through the process of giving access in Webflow. Happy designing!