How Do I Go Back to the Top Button in Webflow?

Have you ever found yourself scrolling down a long webpage and wished there was an easy way to quickly navigate back to the top? Well, you’re in luck! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a “Go Back to the Top” button in Webflow, a popular website builder.

Step 1: Create a New Button

The first step is to create a new button element that will serve as our “Go Back to the Top” button. To do this, simply drag and drop a Button element from the Webflow toolbar onto your page.

Step 2: Position the Button

Next, we need to position our button in the bottom right corner of our webpage. To achieve this, select the button element and go to the Styles panel on the right-hand side of the Webflow interface.

Under the Position section, change the Position property to Absolute. This will allow us to freely position our button on the page.

In order for our button to appear in the bottom right corner, we need to set its Bottom and Right properties. Set both values to 20px, or adjust them as desired based on your design preferences.

Step 3: Add Interactions

To make our “Go Back to the Top” button functional, we need to add some interactions. Interactions are animations or actions that occur when certain events happen on your webpage.

Select your button element and go to the Interactions panel located in the top-right corner of the Webflow interface.

Click on the Add New Interaction button and choose Scroll Into View from the dropdown menu. This interaction will scroll the page back to the top when the button is clicked.

In the Affect section, choose All Elements with this class name. This will apply the interaction to all instances of our button across our website.

Under the Action section, select Scroll to Top. This will automatically scroll the page back to the top when our button is clicked.

Step 4: Customize Button Styling (Optional)

If you want to customize the styling of your “Go Back to the Top” button, you can do so by selecting it and going to the Styles panel.

You can change its color, background color, font size, and add additional effects such as hover animations or box shadows. Get creative and design a button that fits seamlessly with your website’s aesthetic!

Step 5: Publish Your Changes

Once you’re happy with your “Go Back to the Top” button, it’s time to publish your changes and see it in action on your live website. Simply click on the Publish button in Webflow’s top-right corner and wait for your changes to be deployed.

In Conclusion

  • Create a new button: Drag and drop a Button element onto your page.
  • Position the button: Set its position as Absolute and adjust its Bottom and Right properties.
  • Add interactions: Choose Scroll Into View as the interaction and set it to scroll to the top.
  • Customize button styling: Optionally, customize the button’s appearance using the Styles panel.
  • Publish your changes: Finally, publish your changes and enjoy your “Go Back to the Top” button!

With these simple steps, you can easily add a “Go Back to the Top” button to any webpage in Webflow. This small but powerful feature will greatly enhance user experience by allowing visitors to navigate your lengthy content with ease. Happy scrolling!