How Do I Import Plot Styles in AutoCAD?

Importing plot styles in AutoCAD is a simple process that allows you to apply predefined styles to your drawings. Plot styles, also known as CTB or STB files, control the visual appearance of objects when they are plotted or printed. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of importing plot styles in AutoCAD.

Step 1: Access the Plot Style Manager

To import plot styles in AutoCAD, start by opening the Plot Style Manager. You can access it by typing “Plot Style Manager” in the command line or by navigating to the “Output” tab on the ribbon and clicking on “Plot Style Manager” in the “Plot” panel.

Step 2: Choose a CTB or STB File

Once the Plot Style Manager is open, click on the “Add-A-Plotter Wizard” button. This will launch a dialog box where you can select a CTB or STB file to import. CTB files are color-dependent plot styles, while STB files are named plot styles.


If you don’t have any CTB or STB files available, you can download them from various online sources or create your own using the “Add-A-Plotter Wizard”.

Step 3: Import the Plot Style

In this step, navigate to the folder where your desired CTB or STB file is located and select it. Click on “Next” to proceed.


If you have multiple plot styles to import, repeat this step for each file.

Step 4: Assign Plot Styles

After importing a plot style, it will appear in the list within the Plot Style Manager. Select the imported plot style and click on “Set Current” to make it the active plot style.

Step 5: Apply the Plot Style

To apply the plot style to your drawing, go back to the “Output” tab on the ribbon and click on “Plot”. In the “Plot” dialog box, choose your desired printer/plotter and paper size, then click on “OK” to proceed.


You can customize additional settings such as paper orientation, plot area, scale, and more in this dialog box.

Step 6: Preview and Print

Before finalizing your plot, take advantage of AutoCAD’s preview feature by clicking on “Preview”. This will show you a visual representation of how your drawing will look when printed. If everything looks good, click on “Print” to complete the process.

  • Remember to save any changes made to your drawing before printing.
  • Note: If you encounter any issues with a specific plot style, you can always go back to the Plot Style Manager and try a different one.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported plot styles in AutoCAD. By utilizing different plot styles, you can enhance the visual appeal of your drawings and ensure that they are printed or plotted exactly as intended.