How Do I Import Resources Into Figma?

When it comes to web design, Figma is a powerful tool that can help you create beautiful designs quickly and easily. But sometimes, you may need to import resources into Figma in order to get the perfect look and feel for your project. Fortunately, this process is straightforward and can be done with just a few clicks.

The first step to importing resources into Figma is to find the source of the resource you wish to use. This could be anything from an image or video file on your computer to an online resource such as an icon library or stock photo site.

Once you have identified your source, you can start importing it into Figma. To do this, open up the ‘File’ menu in Figma and select ‘Import’.

From here you will be able to select either a file from your computer or an online resource. Once selected, click ‘Import’ and the file will be added to your project.

Once imported, you can start customising the resource however you want by using Figma’s vast range of tools and features. You can scale, crop, rotate and even add effects such as filters or colour adjustments.

Finally, if you wish to use the same resource in multiple projects or documents then all you need to do is save it as a ‘Component’ in Figma.

This will allow you to easily copy and paste it anywhere within your project without having to go back through the import process each time.


Importing resources into Figma is quick and easy. All you need to do is find the source of the file or online resource that you want to use, open up the ‘File’ menu in Figma and select ‘Import’ followed by selecting either a file from your computer or an online resource. Then simply click ‘Import’ and start customising however you want using Figma’s tools before saving it as a Component if needed for future use.