How Do I Join a Selection in Figma?

Joining a selection in Figma is a great way to build a better design workflow for your team. With the help of the powerful Figma platform, you can collaborate with other team members and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Joining a selection allows you to select multiple objects on the canvas and work with them together as one.

To join a selection in Figma, first select an object on the canvas by clicking on it with your mouse. Once you have selected an object, hold down the Shift key and click on other objects you want to add to your selection.

When you have all the objects added, press and hold down the Command key (on Mac) or Control key (on Windows). Then click on each of the selected objects one at a time until all of them are highlighted in blue. This will indicate that they are now part of a single selection.

Once your selection is set up, you can move or resize them together as one object. This makes it easier to adjust multiple elements at once without having to change each element separately. You can also use this feature to create complex shapes by combining different objects into one shape.

In addition to joining selections, Figma also offers several other tools that can help make your design workflow more efficient. You can use layers and frames to organize your designs and create reusable components so that you don’t have to recreate elements from scratch every time.


Joining selections in Figma is an easy way to save time when working with multiple objects at once.

All it takes is selecting an object, holding down Shift or Command/Control, then clicking each additional element until they are all highlighted blue- indicating they are part of a single selection. With this tool, designers can quickly adjust multiple elements at once or create complex shapes without having to manually adjust each element separately.