How Do I Link Figma Prototype to My Website?

Figma is a free, online design platform that provides a variety of tools for quickly creating and iterating on design prototypes. It can be used to create web and mobile applications, websites, and other digital products. Linking a Figma prototype to a website is an easy way to quickly share a prototype with users and get feedback.

Step 1: Publish the Prototype
The first step in linking a Figma prototype to a website is to publish the prototype. This can be done by selecting “Publish” from the File menu or by pressing the “Publish” button from the top bar of the Figma interface. When publishing, it’s important to select “Public” in order for the link to be accessible outside of your organization.

Step 2: Copy the Link
Once your prototype is published, you will be given a link that you can share with others. You should copy this link as it will be used to embed the prototype in your website.

Step 3: Embed on Your Website
To embed your Figma prototype on your website, you will need to use an HTML iframe. An iframe allows you to embed an external page within another page. To create an iframe, use the following code:

. Replace the [Link Copied From Step 2] with the link you copied in step 2.

This code should then be added into your website’s HTML source code where you would like it displayed. The width and height of the iframe can also be adjusted as needed.

Conclusion: Linking a Figma prototype to your website is an easy process that requires just three steps: publishing, copying the link, and embedding with an HTML iframe code. By linking a prototype to your website, users are able to easily view and interact with a working version of your design without having access to Figma itself.