How Do I Link to a Section of Another Page in Webflow?

Linking to a specific section of another page can be a useful way to navigate users to relevant content quickly. In Webflow, this can be easily achieved using HTML anchor tags. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create these links and use them to direct users to specific sections within a webpage.

Step 1: Creating the Anchor

To link to a specific section, we first need to create an anchor point within the Target page. An anchor point is simply an ID assigned to a specific element on the page that we want our link to navigate to.

To create an anchor point, find the element you want to link to and add an id attribute with a unique name. For example:

<h3 id="section1">Introduction</h3>

In the above example, we have assigned the ID “section1” to our heading element. This will serve as our anchor point for linking purposes.

Step 2: Linking from Another Page

Now that we have created our anchor point, let’s move on to creating the actual link from another page.

In your HTML file where you want to create the link, use the a tag along with the attribute. The value of the attribute should be set as follows:

<a href="path/to/destination-page.html#section1">Go To Section 1</a>
  • a: This tag defines a hyperlink.
  • href: This attribute specifies the URL of the page or resource that the link goes to.
  • #section1: This is the anchor point we created earlier. It is appended to the URL using a hash symbol (#) followed by the anchor ID.

By clicking on the “Go To Section 1” link, it will now direct users to the specific section with the ID “section1” on the destination page.

Step 3: Styling and Enhancements

Now that you have successfully created a basic link to a section of another page, let’s explore some ways to enhance and style these links further.


You can apply CSS styles to your links to make them stand out or blend in with your website’s design. Use the style attribute on the a tag or define styles in an external CSS file.

List of Links:

If you have multiple sections you want to link to within a single page, consider creating a list of links for better organization. Use the ul (unordered list) and li (list item) tags to create a list of links. For example:

  <li><a href="path/to/destination-page.html#section1">Go To Section 1</a></li>
  <li><a href="path/to/destination-page.html#section2">Go To Section 2</a></li>

Naming Anchors:

To keep your code clean and easily understandable, use descriptive and meaningful names for your anchor points. This will help you remember the purpose of each anchor and make maintenance easier in the future.


Linking to a section of another page in Webflow is a simple yet powerful technique that can improve the user experience and navigation on your website. By creating anchor points and using anchor tags with appropriate href attributes, you can guide users directly to the specific content they are looking for. Experiment with different styles and organization techniques to create visually engaging and organized links.