How Do I Make a Blank Page in Canva?

Making a blank page in Canva is an easy and efficient way to create custom designs. Canva is a popular graphic design platform used by individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide. It has a wide range of features that allow users to design everything from simple logos to complex marketing materials.

Creating a blank page in Canva is straightforward.

The first step is to open the program and select “Create Design” from the top right-hand corner. Then, select “Blank” under the “Page Size” drop-down menu. This will create an empty canvas for you to work with. You can also select other sizes from the drop-down menu if you want to create something with specific dimensions.

Once you have your blank page set up, you can begin adding content to it. To do this, click on the “Elements” tab at the top of the screen and select an image or text box from the library of options.

You can then drag and drop these elements onto your canvas, or double-click on them for further customization options such as size, color, and position. You can also use these customization options for any text boxes that you add.

If you want to further style your text boxes, Canva provides different fonts, colors, and effects that you can use to enhance your designs. To access these features, simply click on the text box that you wish to style and select “Text” from the top toolbar menu. From here, you can choose different fonts, colors, shadows, outlines, etc., all of which will help make your text stand out.


Making a blank page in Canva is quick and easy. All it takes is selecting “Blank” under the “Page Size” drop-down menu when creating a new design and then adding elements such as images or text boxes as desired. Once these elements are added to the canvas, users are free to customize them by changing their size or applying different fonts or colors with just a few clicks.