How Do I Make a Mobile Wireframe in Figma?

Making a mobile wireframe in Figma is a great way to create an interactive mockup of your app. It allows you to quickly design and prototype your app without having to write any code. With Figma, you can easily create a mobile wireframe from scratch or make use of existing templates. Here are some tips on how to make a mobile wireframe in Figma.

1. Gather Your Assets:

Before you begin designing your mobile wireframe, it’s important to gather all the assets you need. This includes any images, logos, or other elements you plan to include in your design. You can also use icons or illustrations from Figma’s library of resources.

2. Plan Out Your Design:

The next step is to plan out the design of your mobile wireframe. This includes deciding on the layout, navigation structure, and how users will interact with your app. It’s best to sketch out your ideas on paper first before getting started in Figma.


Create the Frame:

Once you have a plan for your mobile wireframe, it’s time to create it in Figma. Start by creating a new frame and giving it a name that reflects the purpose of the frame. Then select the device type (e.g., iPhone 11) and screen size (e., 375 x 812) for your frame.

4. Add Components:

Now that you have created the frame, it’s time to add components such as buttons and text fields that will make up your app’s user interface (UI). You can also add images or other graphics if needed. When adding components, be sure to use appropriate sizes and positions so they look good on different devices.

5. Create Links Between Frames:

Once you have added all the components needed for your mobile wireframe, you can connect them using “links” between frames in Figma. This will allow users to navigate between different screens when using your app.


Making a mobile wireframe in Figma is an easy way to create an interactive mockup of an app without writing code. By following these steps—gathering assets, planning out the design, creating frames, adding components and creating links—you can quickly build a professional-looking mobile wireframe with minimal effort.