How Do I Make a Slice in Figma?

Figma is a popular, browser-based design tool, and it’s also an incredibly useful tool for creating website prototypes. One of the most powerful features of Figma is its ability to slice designs into individual components. This allows you to quickly create multiple versions of a design without having to manually adjust each element each time.

Slicing in Figma is easy and straightforward. To get started, select a layer or group in the canvas and click on the Slice button in the top menu bar.

This will create a rectangular slice around your selection. You can then adjust the size and shape of this slice by clicking and dragging on any of its corners or edges.

To add more slices to your design, simply repeat this process with different elements in your canvas. You can create slices for text, images, buttons, and other elements individually or in groups. If you want to delete a slice, simply select it and click on the Delete button in the top menu bar.

You can also add styling to your slices using Figma’s built-in style options. To access them, select a slice and then click on the Style tab at the bottom right corner of your canvas. Here you can adjust colors, borders, shadows, blur effects, and other properties to give your design a unique look and feel.

Finally, once you’re happy with how your slices look in Figma you can export them as PNGs or SVGs for use outside of Figma. To do so go to File > Export > Slice from the top menu bar and then choose which format you’d like to export as from the dropdown menu that appears on screen.

Figma’s slicing feature makes it easy to quickly turn complex designs into individual components that are ready for export or sharing with others online. By following these steps outlined above you’ll be able to quickly create beautiful slices for any project with ease!

Conclusion: With just a few clicks Figma makes it easy for designers to turn complex designs into individual components that are ready for use online or offline. In order to make a slice in Figma simply select an element on the canvas, click on ‘Slice’ from the top menu bar and make any desired adjustments such as size or shape using drag-and-drop tools before exporting as PNGs or SVGs if necessary.