How Do I Make My Canva Animation Longer?

Canva animation is an effective way to create videos and graphics with ease. Whether you’re creating a short video for social media or a longer animation for a webinar, Canva has the tools and features you need to make it happen. But how do you make your Canva animation longer?

Step 1: Add Frames – One of the easiest ways to extend your Canva animation is by adding frames. This will allow you to add more content to your animation, increasing its length without making it too long and boring.

To add frames, simply click “Add Frame” in the top toolbar. You can then add text, images, shapes, or other elements to each frame.

Step 2: Adjust the Speed – Another way to make your Canva animation longer is by adjusting the speed of the animation. This can be done by clicking on the “Settings” icon in the top toolbar and then selecting “Animation Speed” from the drop-down menu. You can then adjust the speed of your animation as desired.

Step 3: Utilize Transitions – Transitions are a great way to add some extra length and interest to your Canva animations. You can easily add transitions between frames by clicking on the “Transition” icon in the top toolbar and selecting from one of many available options.

Step 4: Add Audio – Adding audio can also help extend your Canva animations and make them more engaging for viewers. You can easily upload audio files directly into Canva or record audio right within the platform itself using their built-in recording feature.


Making your Canva animations longer is easy with these four simple steps! All you have to do is add frames, adjust speed, utilize transitions, and upload or record audio files as desired. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create awesome animations that capture attention from viewers!