How Do I Make Text Follow a Shape in Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool that allows users to create complex and beautiful designs with ease. It has a wide range of features and tools, including the ability to make text follow a shape.

This feature is particularly useful when designing logos and other graphics that need to fit into specific shapes.

To make text follow a shape in Figma, first select the shape you want the text to follow. Then, click on the ‘Text’ tool in the toolbar and draw a text box over the shape.

The text box should now be following the shape of your selection. Next, click on the ‘Format’ tab at the top of your screen and select ‘Text Fit’. You can then choose from several options such as ‘Fit to Bounding Box’ or ‘Fit to Path’.

Once you have chosen an option for fitting your text, you can adjust it further by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab at the bottom of your screen. Here, you will find more options for fine-tuning how your text follows its shape – such as letter spacing and line height settings. You can also add effects such as drop shadows or 3D rotations to make your design look even more professional.

Figma also provides tools for styling HTML texts, which can be used to further customize how your text looks when it follows a shape. To style HTML texts in Figma, select your desired element, click on its properties panel, then toggle on ‘HTML Styles’.

This will open up additional styling options like font size and color, along with HTML tags like , , , etc. With these tools, you can easily add emphasis or change colors within your text without having to write any code.

In conclusion, Figma offers a wide range of features that allow users to quickly and easily make their text follow shapes while also styling them with HTML tags. By taking advantage of these features, designers can create beautiful logos and graphics with ease that are sure to stand out from the crowd!

Conclusion: Making text follow a shape in Figma is easy and straightforward – simply select your desired shape, draw a text box over it and adjust its format settings accordingly. Additionally, styling HTML texts with Figma enables users to add emphasis or change colors within their texts without having to write any code – making it an ideal tool for creating professional-looking designs quickly and easily!