How Do I Merge Two Pages in Figma?

Merging two pages in Figma is a great way to quickly and easily combine the content from two different designs into one. It allows you to reduce the number of files you have to manage, and makes it easier for other designers to collaborate on projects. Figma makes it easy to merge two pages, whether they’re in the same document or across multiple documents.

To begin, open the page that you would like to merge into another page. Select all of the layers and objects on the page (or use CTRL+A shortcut) and then copy them (CTRL+C). Next, open the page that will receive the merged content and paste it onto the canvas (CTRL+V). All of your copied layers will now be in a single location on this new page.

You may want to adjust the layout of your newly merged content so that everything looks neat and organized. To do this, select all of your pasted objects by pressing CTRL+A again, then click on “Distribute” from the top menu bar.

Select either “Horizontally” or “Vertically” depending on how you would like them arranged. You can also use this feature to align multiple objects with each other if needed.

Once you are happy with your new layout, you can delete any unnecessary objects or layers from your merged page before saving it as a separate file (File > Save As..). This will ensure that all changes are kept separate from their original files and won’t interfere with any existing workflows or processes.

If you need further help understanding how to merge two pages in Figma, there are many tutorials available online which can provide more detailed guidance. Additionally, Figma also offers official support if needed.

Conclusion: Merging two pages in Figma is a simple process which can save time and effort when managing multiple design projects at once. All it takes is copying and pasting objects between documents before adjusting their layout using the distribute feature found in Figma’s top menu bar. With these simple steps, anyone should be able to confidently merge two pages in no time!