How Do I Mirror Flip an Image in Canva?

Mirror flipping an image in Canva is a great way to add creative flair to your designs. With Canva’s easy-to-use tools, you can quickly and effortlessly flip any image horizontally or vertically.

You can even create a mirror effect by flipping the image multiple times.

To start, log into your Canva account and select the design template you would like to use. Then, upload the image you want to flip by either dragging it into the editor or clicking on ‘Uploads’ and selecting it from your computer.

Once your image is in the editor, click on ‘Effects’ and then select ‘Flip’. This will open up a menu with two options: horizontal and vertical. Selecting either one will immediately flip your image in that direction.

If you want to create a mirror effect, select the flip option one more time. This will reverse the direction of the previous flip, resulting in a mirrored effect.

You can also use this tool to rotate your images if needed:

If you need to rotate an image instead of flipping it, click on ‘Transform’ instead of ‘Effects’. This will open up a menu with options for rotating your image clockwise or counterclockwise. You can also enter specific degrees of rotation if needed.

Mirror flipping images in Canva is an easy way to add creative flair to any design project. With its intuitive tools, anyone can quickly and easily edit images without any prior experience in graphic design.


Mirror flipping an image using Canva is simple and straightforward. Just upload the desired photo into the editor and choose either ‘Effects’ or ‘Transforms’ depending on whether you want to flip or rotate it respectively. You can use this tool to add creative flair to any project quickly and easily!